From time to time we could all use a little encouragement, a thought provoking idea, or maybe even a different perspective on issues that advisors must face.  The AdvisorAccess blog is a stopping point that does just that: speaks to the financial advisor.

At Horizon Wealth Management we believe not only in building successful clients, but building successful advisors as well.  So, whether you’re already a Horizon advisor, or an outside advisor looking in, we say “Welcome.”  We hope you find the site relevant to the matters you deal with day-to-day.

We know it’s a busy profession, but a routine stop by the AdvisorAccess blog could be just the thing you need to spawn that next creative thought, encourage you to try something different or new, or to take a fresh approach at an old problem.


With our group of 25 Financial Advisors located around the country (main offices in Baton Rouge, LA and Dayton, OH), Horizon Wealth Management offers CUSTOMIZED and highly PERSONALIZED financial planning solutions through our proprietary systems: The Financial Coordinator Solution™, The Wealth Coach Solution™, and The Plan Partner Solution™.

Horizon Wealth Management’s mission is to be the most helpful resource in your life.

We strive to simplify the complex.

Horizon has a wide breadth of service levels and experienced financial advisors in our arsenal to pair with your specific situation.  We are well equipped to work with a variety of individuals and business alike, but are particularly experienced in mapping solutions for BUSINESS OWNERS, PHYSICIANS, current and retired MLB PLAYERS, individuals with SPECIAL NEEDS, and CORPORATE RETIREMENT PLANS.


We work with select advisors and are always willing to consider another relationship.  If you are interested in having a dialogue to see if we can help you achieve your career goals, feel free to directly reach out to our Branch Development Director, Chris Sullivan at  (425)-691-8773  or csullivan@horizonfg.com


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