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Making the management of your wealth personal, simple and straightforward–the way it should be..

A guide for your financial journey.

When you recall life’s great periods of growth or great experiences, chances are there was some sort of coach, mentor, teacher, or guide to show you the way, to point out crucial details you would have overlooked, and to support and encourage you to stay the course; someone whose experience and wisdom gave you the confidence to take on any challenge.

Your financial life journey has highs and lows, twists and turns, successes and setbacks. In times of transition, we act as your trusted guides to help you think through the financial implications of the change, as well as help making informed decisions instead of purely emotional ones. We provide the kind of financial leadership that leads to a more confident life.

Introducing The Passport Package™

A self-assessment tool designed to evaluate yourself in eight crucial mindsets...beyond just your finances.

Where are you now...and where do you want to go? That's what Your Expansion Passport® (for ages 45 and under) or Your Walkaway Passport® (for over 45) helps you determine.

To complete this brief, online assessment and get your customized report, complete with recommendations, go to:

The Runway Decade: Now Available!

Available Now!

There's something about turning 50.

When you reach fifty, the concept of retirement becomes very real for the first time in any meaningful way. It’s not so far away   anymore! If anything, it’s now looming on the horizon, and you can actually see it in the distance. But if you're in your fifties, it's not too late to get prepared for a successful retirement. Let The Runway Decade be a guide for you as you map out your future.

To buy The Runway Decade book, click here. For more information, and to check out accompanying resources and podcast click here, or go to

Getting started is simple.

Management for life's home runs and curve balls.

Cure for the Fly-By Plan Advisor

We’ve seen a situation where it took a chance encounter on an airplane for a company executive to finally meet their company's retirement plan advisor after working there for 3 years! We believe this is totally unacceptable our team strives every day to give plan participants the attention and service they expect and deserve.

Misperception of Wealth Management

Many people’s perception of “wealth management” is that of a pure focus on financial services. But with our team, the personal service is truly focused on our client’s life goals. We develop long-term plans to provide financial safeguards for them and their family, and work with them to navigate their financial future.

Too Busy, Scattered and Uncoordinated

Many people manage their own finances for long periods of time, but success can bring added complexity. By knowing a client’s entire picture and coordinating their advice with their other professional advisors, we can help arrange all the moving parts in a way that they typically can’t do themselves. We tell our clients to tell their family “If something happens to me unexpectedly, just call Horizon."

It’s More than Money

We take a deep interest in our clients’ entire lives and families rather than just their accounts, asking how their kids, grandkids or aging parents factor into their long term plans – questions they usually haven’t been asked by their previous advisors.

Overcoming Inertia

We help people overcome their anxiety about their financial situation by helping them take the first step. We strive to make the process so clear and simple, to lay out a path and reduce the friction of making progress.

Money Matters are Emotional

When people are in the middle of unexpected job transitions, we help them work through the financial aspects, as well as their worries and anxieties they have about money and the future. While having knowledge and experience with financial matters is extremely important and expected, one of the most valuable things we do is help people identify their emotions around their finances and then give them confidence that they are on the right path.

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