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Time For A Change?

Andy & Bill talk about times and strategies to make changes in your 401(k) plans and your retirement savings.

Divorce: The Effect on Finances & Family Pt. 2

Bill and Pete interview Sean McAllister, Associate at Loeb Law Firm, and discusses how married couples can protect themselves from potential divorce issues, prenuptial agreements and post-prenuptial agreements, budgeting, and domestic cohabitation contracts.

Divorce: The Effect on Finances & Family, Pt. 1

Bill and Pete interview Sean McAllister, Associate at Loeb Law Firm, where they talk about Louisiana Revised Statute 9:315, understanding divorce and finance, and what to expect when children, pensions, property, and tax returns are involved.

Plan, Protect, Prosper- Pt. 3 with Mike Hackler, CFP®

Bill and Mike talk about how to avoid getting lost in a panic trap while investing, how people become successful at accumulating wealth, why people are afraid of the stock market, and how to prosper while being thrifty.

Plan, Protect, Prosper- Pt. 2 with Mike Hackler, CFP®

Bill and Mike discuss focusing on the things you can control, choices that make investors lose control of their financial goals, and investor performance versus investor behavior.

Plan, Protect, Prosper with Mike Hackler, CFP®- Pt.1

Bill and Mike talk about financial planning in three-year blocks of time, the key ingredients of a financial plan, how money is tied to emotions, and ways to take proper action with your planning.

More With The Scorecard

Bill & Pete talk about three important categories on the Confident Wealth Scorecard: tax efficiency, business continuity and estate planning.

More With The Scorecard

Business continuity and estate planning are essential to ensure that your loved ones and employees are well supported and have all they need to thrive.

Keeping Score

Bill and Pete list and explain the 8 categories of their Confident Wealth Scorecard. Filling in this scorecard helps an individual outline their personal and financial vision for the future.

It's About Confidence

Bill and Pete discuss the various ways through which individuals can build confidence when it comes to managing their wealth.

Time For A Change?

Andy & Bill talk about times and strategies to make changes in your 401(k) plans and your retirement savings.

How Are You Behaving?

Bill and Andy talk about behavioral finance and statistics over a 20-year period of investing that JP Morgan has provided. They also discuss investment biases, the behaviors that impact your decisions, and how you can understand how to make better financial choices.

A Chat with a Plan Champion

Bill and Andy talk with Jenee Olivier, Human Resources Director/Safety Coordinator at Sigma Engineers and Constructors in Baton Rouge, Louisiana about 401(k) planning. ‍

How Do You Size up with this Survey?

Bill & Andy talk about the TransAmerica Center for Retirement Studies survey, how Baby Boomers, Generation X, and Millenials are approaching retirement.

Andy Turns the Big 5-0!

Andy & Bill talk about Andy turning 50-years-old! What ways is he approaching his retirement and which lifestyle changes matter to him more now?

Looking To Your Future Self

Bill Bush and Andy Bush, advisors at Horizon Financial Group, talk about how to prepare your retirement investments, how to prioritize your spending, and ways to improve the potential quality of life for your future self.

Saving and Spending During the Slow Down

Bill Bush and Andy Bush, advisors at Horizon Financial Group, talk about the ways that our thoughts and behaviors impact our lives, the effects of COVID-19 on savings and spending habits, and how all of this has an effect on our 401(k) strategies.

FAQs with TPA Melissa Terito

Bill Bush and Andy Bush, advisors at Horizon Financial Group, talk with Melissa Terito, CPA, Partner and Third-Party Administrator at Sentinel Pension about some frequently asked questions that plan sponsors have been reaching out to her with.

One for the Plan Sponsors with Melissa Terito, TPA

Bill Bush and Andy Bush, advisors at Horizon Financial Group, talk with Melissa Terito, CPA, Partner and Third-Party Administrator at Sentinel Pension about plan sponsors, issues they are facing during the COVID-19 pandemic, and the CARES Act.

Adjusting Your Finances During Uncertain Times

Andy and Bill discuss some steps to take if you find yourself stressed over your finances during these unprecedented times.

Help is on the Way- The CARES Act and Your Retirement Accounts

Andy and Bill Bush of Horizon Financial Group discuss the recently passed Conronavirus, Aid, Relief, and Economic Stimulus (CARES) Act, and what options are available to company retirement plan participants and IRA holders.

Most-Googled 401k Questions During Past 30 Days

Andy and Bill take a look at the most-Googled 401(k) related questions in the past 30-days of the coronavirus pandemic.

When The Bottom Falls Out

Commentary from the 401(k) Brothers on the recent market conditions.

Hey, Can I Retire Now?

Bill and Andy address a question that often comes up when they are working with their clients, "Can I retire now?"

Happy New Year & Decade!

Bill and Andy discuss New Year’s Resolutions plan participants should consider for the year 2020.

Take It to the Limit

Bill and Andy discuss the pre-2001 Tax Act changes regarding 401(k) plans, new contribution rates for 2020, as well as the rates for simple IRAs, IRAs, and Roth IRAs, and benefits you receive if you turn 50 during 2020.

Is Now a Good Time to Talk About Beneficiaries?

Andy and Bill go in depth about contingent and primary beneficiaries and what we need to take care of today.

What Are You Afraid Of?

Bill & Andy discuss the areas of financial market that you can’t control that may cause you fear and the areas that are within your control that can be adjusted in your favor.

Where Does It All Go?

Bill and Andy go through various budgeting scenarios based on average American age brackets, their typical household incomes, and the expenses that affect their spending.

Are These Financial Anxieties Keeping You Up At Night?

Bill & Andy go through a checklist of financial anxieties and fears that typically keep people up at night.

When is the Last Time You ...?

Bill & Andy share the important questions you need to be asking yourself and your spouse to properly prepare for retirement and adjust your 401(k) plan accordingly.

The Brothers Hit the Road: A Chat with an Industry Professional

Bill & Andy have a chat with Jon Anderson, Head of Retirement at Cetera Financial Group in the Greater San Diego Area, about the importance of retirement planning.

Developing a Retirement Vision

Andy & Bill share the various questions you need to be asking yourself in order to properly plan for retirement so that it doesn’t unexpectedly creep up on you later when you are unprepared.

Survey Says...

Andy & Bill talk about a Schwab survey of 1000 401k participants. Learn from Bill and Andy some of the key truths regarding retirement planning that were revealed and can be applied to your own life.

We're Participants Too

Bill & Andy talk about the main fears people have of retirement, the importance of paying down debts, and not getting bogged down by the past and focusing on what you can do to benefit your retirement right now.

Managing Income in Retirement

Learn from Bill and Andy about common and potential financial sources of retirement funds, when to withdraw them, and what RMDs are.

What's Your Vesting Schedule?

Bill & Andy talk about what exactly “vesting” means, the various distinctions between vesting schedules, and the ways these vested money options operate.

The Hard Facts on Hardship Distributions

Bill & Andy provide us with insight into what a 401(k) plan hardship withdrawal is, what the rules and restrictions involved in hardship withdrawals are, and how law changes have affected the regulations of hardship distributions.

What You Should Know About Taking a Loan from Your 401(k)

Learn the positive and negative sides to pulling a loan from your 401(k), what the payback structure will typically look like, and what limitations are involved.

Inside the Numbers: Retirement Statistics

What are the retirement statistics for people’s life expectancies beyond 65, the number of people retiring earlier, and how gender, health, and fear play a role in this information?

Options When Leaving an Employer

Learn the pros and cons on everything from withdrawing from your 401K plan too early, to rolling over your old plan into your new employer’s plan.

Rollovers...Old Employer to New

The 401K brothers take us through the simple steps to consolidate your 401K accounts.

Important Ages and Checkpoints

The 401K brothers take us through the important dates of our plans and discuss catch-ups, social security and distributions.

Asset Classes - Risk/Reward

There is a range of different risks and rewards associated with each asset. Today, the 401K brothers add some light to the different investments and their risk.

Target Date Funds

Have you ever wanted an easy button for your 401k investing? Target Date Funds are a one-stop investment option for a 401k participant.

How Much Should I Contribute?

Bill & Andy cut to the chase and give us the information we need to plan for a successful retirement.

A Quick Look at Social Security

Andy & Bill talk about what social security is and what we can do about it.

The 411 on 401k fees

Andy & Bill delve into why we pay for our plans and how we can get the most value out of our plan.

Traditional v. Roth

The 401(k) Brothers discuss the differences between traditional and Roth deferrals.

Maxing Out

Bill and Andy Bush talk about the contribution limits in company retirement plans.

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