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Six Tips for Organizing Your Records

If you got hit by a bus tomorrow, would your loved ones know how to access your important records? Would they know which accounts you hold and where your money is? What about insurance policies? Real estate ownership papers?

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Sandwich Generation

Without knowing it, you may be part of the so-called "sandwich generation." These are people who find themselves at the life stage in which they are caught between raising their own kids while watching their parents grow older. They are squeezed between responsibilities to care for parents and children at the same time. This care can take the form of money and capital or time and labor. All of these can have serious financial implications.

Writing the History of the Future

Writing the History of the Future..the first step in long-term planning.

How Rising Interest Rates Impact Investments

In an attempt to control inflation, the Federal Reserve has signaled its intention to raise the federal funds rate (currently set at zero) three times in 2022. This will effectively raise interest rates in general, making it more expensive to borrow money.

Cybersecurity and Protecting Your Identity

Cyber-fraud and cyberattack activities are increasing daily from foreign countries and within the US. It is always important to remain vigilant when protecting your data and yourself.

Understanding Behavioral Bias

Learning how emotions affect decisions can make you a better investor.

How Did We Get Here....From There?

There’s a large painting that hangs on a wall inside Horizon Financial Group that represents something more than office décor. It represents a journey. It’s an image of a modest farmhouse in southern Indiana where Horizon’s Bush Brothers grew up before journeying to Baton Rouge over 40 years ago. Every once in a while, as they ponder the path that has led them to work together as part of the Horizon family, they’ll take a look at that painting and wonder, “How did we get here....from there?”

A Lesson In Time

Fear, uncertainty, doubt - these emotions are nothing new to the world of investing. In fact, they seem to reappear on a fairly consistent basis. Covid-19 has brought them back with a vengeance, but wise investors know how to stay the course, keep their emotions governed, and take advantage of new opportunities. ‍

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Leave a Lasting Legacy: Consider Your Impact on the World

How to Make Your 2020 Resolutions Stick

Don’t Miss These 6 Year-End Financial Planning Opportunities

Are your finances ready for the end of the year? December brings many deadlines and lists; there are gifts to buy, holidays to plan, and vacations to organize. While financial planning should occur year-round, it often becomes top of mind as the year draws to a close. Even though the holiday season is a busy time, it’s important to take care of financial matters now to save you time and money in the long run. Addressing the following 6 opportunities can help you start 2020 on the right financial foot.

College Savings Plans: Breaking Down the Complexities

Be Prepared: 7 Estate Planning Tips

5 Financial Wellness Tips for the Sandwich Generation

8 Simple Tips for Organizing Your Finances

Disorganized finances can make it difficult to plan and set your goals. Following a pattern of established management guidelines can help you stay on-top of your financial situation throughout the year. Whether you need to overhaul your budget, assess your credit standing, or get a better handle on your investments, stick to these 8 daily habits to make it easier to manage your financial life.

Changing Jobs? Don't Forget Your Retirement Account

People commonly make the mistake of leaving their old retirement accounts behind when they change jobs. While it’s perfectly legal to do this, there are advantages of taking your old retirement plan with you when you leave. An old account can be transferred to an IRA (Individual Retirement Account) or a new employer’s retirement plan. Here are five reasons why you should consider taking this route rather than leaving your old retirement account behind.

5 Tips for Managing a Sudden Financial Windfall

Exposing the Top 7 Social Security Myths

5 Kid-Friendly Financial Literacy Tips

The 5 Phases of Pre-Retirement

5 Tips for When the Markets Get Rocky

Stop Procrastinating: 5 Financial Resolutions You Can Start Right Now

While making your list of resolutions is pretty simple, sticking to your plan and achieving your goals is easier said than done. Here are our top 5 financial resolutions.

Don’t Miss These 7 End-of-Year Financial Planning Tips

With a new year about to begin, consider the following year-end financial planning techniques in order to end strong and start your new year with your best foot forward:

How the Right Advice Can Boost Financial Confidence

What value does a financial advisor actually provide? This may surprise you, but the value of a quality financial advisor goes far beyond portfolio advice. It’s about guiding clients to develop sophisticated financial behaviors. Additionally, an advisor can help you boost your financial confidence in the following areas.

3 Reasons Why Robots Won’t Replace Financial Advisors

Retirement Savings Tips: From Your 20s to Your 60s

Financial planning is a lifelong endeavor, but people often seek out investment advice that doesn’t fit their current stage in life. When it comes to saving for retirement, most Americans invest and manage those savings for six decades or longer. It’s important to consider how your resources and risk tolerance change as you move through different life stages.

Worry With Us

Don’t worry alone, worry with us.

This is a Terrible Time to Make a Plan

When it comes to retirement, or estate planning, or business planning or just plain old general financial planning, if you want to increase your odds of a positive outcome, there is only one time to make a plan. And that time is NOW!

There's More to Retirement than Just Numbers

Have you considered the emotional aspects of retirement and how to plan wisely? In today’s world, people are working well past the age of 65 before retiring. Some people who are in good health may not be ready to retire just yet because they like what they do, want to keep busy, or need the extra money. If retirement isn’t in the cards just yet, it never hurts to begin preparing emotionally for the change that will occur in life when retirement does happen and a new phase of life begins. If retirement is knocking on your door, you may want to start preparing yourself emotionally for it now, because preparation goes beyond making sure you have enough income.

It Doesn't Just Happen

The size of the balance in your 401(k) plan at retirement takes thought, planning, and action.

What's A Target Date Fund?

Target Date funds have grown as a popular investment choice, especially in company retirement plans, and IRA's. But what are they, and how do they function? Horizon's Bill Bush takes a look...

It's The Small Things

How a small change in your habits can make an impact in your retirement savings.

The 75 Year-Old Man or Woman in the Mirror

Imagine waking up one morning and looking in the mirror. Instead of seeing your face as you know it today, you see a wrinkled, much-older version of yourself. It’s you, alright…but it’s you in 25, 35, maybe 40 years down the road. What would that 75 year-old “you” think of the current you?

Fear vs. Planning

Is fear winning out over planning in your financial life? Pete Bush takes a look at this epic battle….

Plan Sponsors: Is there an "oh?" in your 401(K)?

Companies shoulder an incredible responsibility when it comes to sponsoring a retirement plan for its employees. No one should know this better than the plan sponsor. There are a lot of moving pieces in a plan, and a plan sponsor can ill-afford to look the other way for a while, or assume the plan is rolling along just fine. Lurking underneath could be some causes for concern that may have plan sponsors scratching their heads asking, “Really?” or “Should I have known that?” …or simply, “Oh?”

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