May 20, 2020

How Did We Get Here....From There?

Originally published in Under the Oaks magazine, May 2020

There’s a large painting that hangs on a wall inside Horizon Financial Group that represents something more than office décor.  It represents a journey.  It’s an image of a modest farmhouse in southern Indiana where Horizon’s Bush Brothers grew up before journeying to Baton Rouge over 40 years ago.  Every once in a while, as they ponder the path that has led them to work together as part of the Horizon family, they’ll take a look at that painting and wonder, “How did we get here....from there?”

It’s been a lifelong journey for sure, and similar to one that the Horizon team is a part of at each step of the way through their clients’ own journeys.  It starts with Courage – when an individual or family decides it’s time to overcome inertia do something about their finances, even if they are unsure of what that something really is.   It could be planning for retirement, protecting loved ones, or planning for a business succession, all of which can sometimes stir up a sense of fear or uncertainty along the way.  “Some people can get paralyzed by fear and uncertainty,” says Bill Bush, a Certified Retirement Plan Specialist®. “But, just by taking the initiative to set up a meeting with us to talk about things, we know that person has made the first step in conquering those fears, and turning their hopes, dreams, and aspirations into reality.”

Horizon has over 20 years of experience navigating these milestones and exploring options with their clients and the potential outcomes, regardless of the stage of life, with the goal of building a plan that can guide a client through those known and unknown twists of life.  They do this through a proprietary fee-for-service process called The Confident Wealth Experience™, a platform built on a fundamental realization. “Ultimately the goal of every Horizon relationship is to build, restore or maintain one’s sense of confidence,” says Pete Bush, founder and CEO of Horizon, “because being free of worry, anxiety, or confusion about financial matters has a huge positive ripple effect on the rest of your life.”  That feeling could come from knowing that money won’t run out if someone lives a very long life, or that children and loved ones will be taken care of and know who to turn to if the sun sets too early.  The team of advisors at Horizon serve as guides as they strive to make the process clear and simple to take action on, by laying out a path and reducing the friction of making progress.

It takes Commitment, which the Horizon team and clients walk through hand in hand, when the unexpected road bumps of life, like death, divorce, or career changes rear their ugly heads along the way.  In times of transition, Horizon is a trusted guide to help think through financial implications of the change, as well as help make informed decisions instead of purely emotional ones. Andy Bush, the youngest of the Bush brothers and Horizon Partner says, “a person’s reality can change at the drop of a hat or slowly over time. Either way, they are faced with unknowns and uncertainty that they hadn’t previously faced and that can be unnerving. Having a caring, committed and experienced trusted guide to help navigate uncharted territory is crucial and can greatly impact the road ahead.”

At the end of the road is Clarity and a clear sense of Direction – a picture that represents where clients are today and a vision of what can exist when proper plans are put in place for tomorrow. When a client drives away from the Horizon office with those three things in their pocket – Confidence, Clarity and Direction – Horizon’s team knows that the clients will soon be looking back on their successful journey with their own version of “How did we get here…from there?”