Inside The Plan

A Chat with a Plan Champion

Aug 28, 2020

In this episode of Inside the Plan with the 401(k) Brothers, Bill Bush and Andy Bush, advisors at Horizon Financial Group, talk with Jenee Olivier, Human Resources Director/Safety Coordinator at Sigma Engineers and Constructors in Baton Rouge, Louisiana about 401(k) planning.

Episode Highlights:

00:48 – Bill Bush and Andy Bush introduce Jenee Olivier.

01:51 – How does Jenee Olivier view her 401(k) plan?

03:42 – How does Sigma place importance on their employees plans?

06:07 – How does Sigma look at plan design regularly?

06:02 – Is her company satisfied with the way that participation and contribution rates are looking?

09:42 – Who owns the 401(k)?

11:40 – Helping small businesses is a focus of Jenee’s.

3 Key Points:
  1. Think about your own 401(k) situation and ask yourself, are your retirement goals on track and will they be enough?
  2. A 401(k) plan is not something you set up and forget about. It is ever-evolving.
  3. Jenee Olivier is consulting on the human resources side and safety training.

Tweetable Quotes:
  • “As a participant, I think the biggest thing that I look at in terms of the plan is value and what we’re getting and ease of use.” – Jenee Olivier
  • “Each quarter we do a lunch and learn on a bunch of topics and try and bridge that gap and take a little bit of that pressure off of our employees, allow them the ability to ask questions in a less formal environment.” – Jenee Olivier
  • “Most of my experience has been in the HR sector and working with small business and seeing it from a different perspective as both an HR and an owner, and kind of making those decisions.” – Jenee Olivier

Contact Information:

Jenee Olivier:, (225) 235-4430