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In today's episode of the "The Runway Decade Podcast," hosts Bill Bush and Pete Bush, advisors at Horizon Financial Group talk to Justin Breen, a best-selling author and a guy who is helping other people lift their voices and their stories around the globe.



Episode Highlights

·        2.34; Justin shares his career journey and how he became an entrepreneur.

·        5.45: Justin went to the University of Illinois, grew up in the Chicago area, lived 2 miles South of where he grew up.

·        06.54: Justin talks about his journey as a journalist, and he shares about his experience.

·        07.02:  Justin explains what separates entrepreneurs from humans, business owners, and consultants?

·        10.55: For most entrepreneurs, there is a chapter of survival, thrive and figure it out stage, says Pete.

·        11.55: As per Justin, it's funny when folks spend years and millions of dollars to come up with a brand and stuff.

·        13.21: Justin and Bill discuss how important it is to have a child like mindset.

·        16.20: If you go on LinkedIn and you follow Justin Breen, you're going to see the Gratitude journal and its things of that day.

·        18.00: Justin talks about the power of storytelling and how he uses that in his business and talking to his clients.

·        19.20: A person's story is the most essential thing because people want to know about who you are, and then they will care about

                   what you do.

·        20.28: When you have a good family life, you have a good life, says Justin.

·        23.53: Justin shares how he just keeps making bigger investments to be in smaller rooms and the people in those rooms are                      making bigger impacts.

·        25.51: The purpose of Justin's life is to be a connecting superhero for every visionary, abundance, investment mindset, and                     entrepreneur.

·        28.25: Justin talks about his earliest football memory, how his dad used to take them to watch football.

·        31.10: Justin talked to one to two people like him every single week that have let entrepreneur life destroy their family life or                     prevented them from anything meaningful. So the book Epic is about how to build collaborative global companies while                     putting your loved ones first.



Three Key Points

1.   In order to become successful, sometimes one has to overcome huge obstacles or challenges like bankruptcy or potential bankruptcy, depression, the highest level of anxiety and possible traumatic experiences as a child.

2.   If you are constantly grateful, it's hard to be ungrateful and then that attracts grateful people, and it repels arrogant and ungrateful people.

3.   Justin talks about what the next 40 years look like for him. He shares his plans and vision.



Tweetable Quotes

·        "It's always nice to talk to an entrepreneur who happens to be a journalist. It's very rare. Most journalists are journalists who           happen to be journalists, and people like us are usually aliens within our own family, community, and vertical." - Justin

·        "When I have a great idea the only person, I ask that would use opinion actually matters is my wife." - Justin

·        "You have mentioned your family quite a few times, and if you look on the cover of your latest book, there is the family holding            hands and I think in that's not a subliminal thing, right. There is a sort of a secret to success involving that work-life balance." -            Bill

·        "When you are a journalist, it's really all about the purpose and then simplifying people's messages and then sharing it with the            world." - Justin

·        "I just keep making bigger investments to be in smaller rooms, but the people in those rooms are making bigger impacts." -Justin


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