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Living Longer, Living Better

In today's episode of the "Inside the Plan with the 401(k) Brothers", host Bill Bush and Andy Bush, advisors at Horizon Financial Group are going to talk about the concepts of living long and prospering. They discuss about the importance of saving and proper planning for your retirement.

Episode Highlights

  • 02.38: It is very hard to visualize what aging has, what the effect of aging is on our bodies as we go forward.
  • 04.18: How you behave is much more important than having a finance degree or the things that you exercise to actually get ahead financially.
  • 05.18: People often overlook when they take their social security and make it sure it's going to be around for a while or look at other guaranteed income sources to make sure that they have monies available to them.
  • 06.43: Things are constantly changing in terms of the rules and regulations around RMD's and then of course, there is the social security thing to get around about when you are going to file strategically.
  • 08.16: Planning retirement is for those whom you love, you should go through some planning to plan forward as if, hey, we are going to be around.
  • 10.15: When we talk to plan participants in their 401K plans and other retirement plans, we often say hey, make sure you use the tools that you have available.
  • 11.11: Andy talks about a book by Arthur Brooks. It is about making that transition from kind of the prime of your career to becoming going into where your faculties become less bright.
  • 14.35: Andy and Bill talk about goal setting and how important it is.

Three Key Points

  1. Bill and Andy talk about the importance of retirement planning and how important it is.
  2. Bill and Andy discuss the importance of social aspects and communion with someone else and how important that is.
  3. The importance of health is being healthy and being financially healthy.

Tweetable Quotes

  • "If we behave well, we will probably be more healthy in retirement not maybe not more healthy than we are now but healthier than we would be if we made bad decisions." – Andy
  • "I tell folks in retirement plans often, which is right now, you are earning your dollars to pay for the food on the table, the gas in the car, the insurance, and all the other things that you need. There is a time in the future where you will either no longer be able to work, or you no longer will want to work, and you are still going to have to put food on the table." - Bill
  • "I think it is important when you kind of look at longevity is to not underestimate it because you do have to plan that your dollars need to stretch probably longer than you think." - Andy

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