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The Value of Working with an Advisor Ep. 3: Planning & Managing Investments

In this episode of The Confident Wealth Podcast, Bill Bush and Pete Bush, Advisors at Horizon Financial Group, continue their series on how financial advisors offer value. This time, they discuss planning and managing investments including the typical mistakes that investors make and how advisors can help them avoid those mistakes.  


Show Notes:


  • 0:35--- Introduction of the financial advisor series
  • 2:10--- The logical and emotional sides of investing
  • 5:55--- What studies say about investing with and without advisors
  • 6:30— Investor behavior is the most important factor that affects an investor’s bottom line
  • 7:50--- The common mistakes that investors typically make
  • 10:58--- Why people make multiple mistakes at one time
  • 12:00--- Disciplined investment is integral
  • 12:35--- Talking through investment processes is helpful
  • 14:30--- How advisors help increase your bottom line
  • 17:35--- The average investor does not have the expert knowledge of a financial advisor
  • 18:30--- Advisors can make adjustments along the way
  • 19:20--- The next episode in the series will have to do with taxes



3 Key Points:


  1. Investors typically make emotional mistakes.
  2. When investors make mistakes, they typically make several together. 
  3. Financial advisors help in a few major ways - saving time, providing expert understanding.


Tweetable Quotes:

-        “The herd is usually wrong. They’re always doing the thing that they shouldn’t be doing.”

-     “Most people don’t make one of these mistakes isolation, they make them in conjunction with each other.”

-     “Make sure you worry with someone.”


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