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Songs of Survivors

On today's episode of the "The Runway Decade Podcast," hosts Bill Bush and Pete Bush, advisors at Horizon Financial Group are going to talk to David St. Romain. He reflects on how his current work with veterans was a result of a personal journey and a higher calling.

Episode Highlights
  • 01:06: David St. Romain's participated in the TV show "Nashville Star" in 2007, where he finished third and gained national attention.
  • 02:00: David talks about facing a financial setback due to a declined grant for his non-profit organization, which serves military veterans through song writing workshops.
  • 03:32: David St. Romain mentions his previous work in individual song writing with girls who had been trafficked and his involvement in children's advocacy.
  • 04:00: David discusses an operational grant that fell through but mentions upcoming events and another foundation that will provide a small grant to support their operations.
  • 04:32: Bill and Pete, highlights the importance of using music as a tool to cope with pain and trauma.
  • 05:05: David mentions one of his board members who was a veteran they worked with and served alongside him in the National Guard in Louisiana. This connection influenced his involvement in veteran work.
  • 06:00: David shares his background, being born in Alexandria, Louisiana, and living in multiple houses and cities due to his father's job in the car business. His family eventually settled in Florida for six years before he attended Menard, a Catholic school, in Alexandria.
  • 08:28: David talks about his fearless and go-getter attitude, sometimes leading to poor decision-making. He joined the National Guard in 1997, attended college, and then moved to Nashville a few years later while on Individual Ready Reserve status.
  • 09:45: Despite the exposure from "Nashville Star," David still struggled to secure a record deal and faced challenges in promoting his single in 2011. He spent the next few years trying to make ends meet in the music industry.
  • 10:39: David talks about owning five albums, assets, and intellectual properties (IP). He mentions owning his own publishing and the masters of his recordings. He emphasizes the value of his IP and the importance of making the right decisions regarding it.
  • 14:31: The conversation shifts to David's musical influences, ranging from Metallica to R&B and country music. He mentions being influenced by Garth Brooks and the emergence of country music in the late '80s and early '90s.
  • 15:29: David reflects on his wide-ranging musical interests and mentions enjoying singing songs by artists like Chris Stapleton, Metallica, and even Britney Spears.
  • 16:39: The conversation continues with David talking about his talent show experiences in school and how he gained popularity among his peers, particularly the girls. He mentions being in choir and playing outside in school, attracting attention and friendships.
  • 18:39: David discusses his mindset regarding retirement and financial preparation. He mentions owning DSR Entertainment, his music company, and how his non profit organization allows him to retain his publishing and intellectual property rights. While he acknowledges the need for retirement preparation, he is focused on continuing his music career for the next 20 years.
  • 20:53: David shares his plans for writing a book based on his life story called "Hole in Me." He explains that the book will address his personal experiences, including childhood trauma, and serve as a tool for sharing his story and building his speaking career.
  • 24:44: David talks about another influential person, Randy Owen from Alabama, who was a judge on Nashville Star and had a connection to Speaker 4's wife's family.
  • 28:20: David discusses the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on his music career and the support he received from unexpected sources.

Three Key Points
  1. David talks about writing a positive song called "Papaw's Hat" with one of his board members, reframing experiences to create a more positive outcome.
  2. David shares a powerful story about writing a song with a homeless veteran in a shelter. The song brought the veteran a sense of resolve and healing, which had a profound impact on him.
  3. David mentions two significant mentors in his life: his father and Dan Tyler, who has been his mentor in the music industry since the beginning of his career. He credits Dan for his guidance and involvement in his music journey, including writing songs and publishing.
Tweetable Quotes
  • "From a young age, I knew that music was my passion. It has been a journey filled with memorable performances." - David
  • "During the pandemic, I received support from unexpected sources, reminding me to stay faithful." - David
  • "I had to make the difficult decision to stop playing gigs, but each time I pray about it, the Lord delivers." - David
  • "Grateful for the support and love of my wife and children. They inspire and motivate me every day." - David
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