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In today's episode of the "The Runway Decade Podcast," hosts Bill Bush and Pete Bush, advisors at Horizon Financial Group are talking to Dr. Curtis Chastain. He runs the Our Lady of the Lake Executive Wellness Program, the Men’s Health Program there. Bill and Pete have appeared with him at some events. Dr. Chastain is very entrepreneurial for a person in medical practice, and he has an interesting side gig.

Episode Highlights
  • 02:57: As per Pete, if you have your health, you have friends, and you have enough money to sustain basic living and or to live as you want, then that's the trifecta.
  • 04:01: It's heart disease and cancer that could disrupt the best financial plan that you two guys could put on paper, says Curtis.
  • 04:27: Bill shared a story in the book and in chapter four of the runway decade that Pete and Bush call the Curtis Chastain chapter.
  • 05:18: There is so much reluctance for guys to go to the doctor for a couple of reasons. One, the traditional business model of medicine, is not designed for the busy guy. The other thing is that men are scared to be vulnerable.
  • 06:43: When Bill turned 50, he started feeling what he thought were innocuous symptoms. He was in the process of moving and in that process started getting some arm pain on the right side, which is kind of a typical understanding when it comes to heart problems. But he didn't want to believe that it was anything.
  • 09:04: As per Curtis, don't overlook for symptoms; the symptoms that pop up are just the result of somebody not going and looking for it necessarily.
  • 12:00: Thyroid cancer, pancreatic cancer, kidney cancer and oesophageal cancer are the cancers that typically don't declare themselves until it's too late, until they have done something.
  • 13:09: At lab work or looking at what determines whether they have got coronary disease or cancer, we've got to go look at data, says Curtis.
  • 14:48: It is in your 50s, and things are going to start rearing their ugly head.
  • 16:01: High blood pressure is associated with a lot of bad things, not the least of which are stroke, heart attacks, and atrial fibrillation.
  • 17:18: Curtis was raised in the public school system, but later enrolled in Catholic High-BR
  • 21:04: Curtis explains how he got tapped to become president of the early the Lake Physician group, which at that time had about 100 physicians in it.
  • 23:05: Curtis talks about the membership program and how patients can benefit from it.
  • 25:09: Curtis talks about the various advancement of medical practice.
  • 25:18: Bypass surgeons had to find other things to do because over the past three decades Statin drugs have made a huge dent in the world of cardiovascular disease and again finding those people that were supposed to have the bypass or the heart attack were finding them early and never letting it happen. So statins have been great.
  • 29:02: Curtis has been thinking about the word retirement since he was probably about 50.
  • 29:53: You could continue doing what you are doing in a smaller amount and let other things come more bigger in your life.
  • 32:01: Pete has watched many people cross over into what the world calls retirement and some do it pretty well and some struggle with it to find their purpose after they are not working.
  • 35:03: The first album that Curtis bought was "Three Dog Night: Golden Biscuits."
  • 39:33: Curtis talks about the first time that he installed a car stereo.

Three Key Points
  1. Curtis talks about the various reasons that hinder a man from going to the hospital.
  2. Curtis shares his thoughts when he hears the word retirement.
  3. Curtis talks about the medical advancements in the healthcare sector.

Tweetable Quotes
  • "In case of pancreatic cancer, your eyes turn yellow in case of kidney cancer, you start urinating blood." - Doctor Curtis Chastain
  • "You can no longer look at anybody and tell their health status than the man on the moon. You got to go through the process." - Doctor Curtis Chastain
  • "You always have the question of do you choose your profession or does your profession choose you …that might have chosen you back long ago." – Pete
  • "I just want to keep seeing my patients every day, enjoying learning from them every single day and making a difference." - Doctor Curtis Chastain
  • "You retire to something, and you always have this balance of being happy with where you were." - Pete

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